School Spirits

The Teaching Distillery is proud to introduce School Spirits, small batch distilled spirits produced by students of the Artisan Distilling program at Niagara College.

Our spirits are available in limited quantities and sold exclusively at the Wine Visitor + Education Centre.

Eau de Vie

Bottle of Eau de Vie


Eau de Vie is the first spirit released by Niagara College Teaching Distillery and the first distilled product made by students in Canada.

Eau de Vie is made from Gamay Noir wine, crafted by Niagara College Teaching Winery, and has a strong connection to the region in which it is produced. The students in the Artisan Distilling Program performed all the distillation, proofing and bottling steps in the production of this spirit.

By using three different methods – single, double and triple distillation – it provided not only a unique learning experience, but also the distinctive character which has been blended into each bottle. The single distillation method provided grape-forward flavours, featuring dried fruit with raspberries. The double distillation method provided the bulk of the spirit. This method, typical of brandy distillation, created a smooth, balanced spirit with a lingering cherry note. Triple distillation of the spirit produced a bright, clean and complex aroma with interesting characteristics, including floral, and even a hint of mint in the background.